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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Raven Performing Arts Theater Seeking Technical Director

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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Raven Performing Arts Theater Seeking Technical Director



Exciting Job Opportunity!

We are look for a new Technical Director (job description below). If interested, please contact Steven David Martin at:


The Raven Players Technical Director is responsible to oversee all technical aspects of every Raven Players production throughout the season (lights, set, video, media, etc.), serving as a supervisor for set, light and sound designers. Typically the Raven Players produce five shows on site, at the Raven Performing Arts Theater, and two-three shows off site per season.

The Technical Director reports to the Raven Players Artistic Director. The TD receives a stipend for each Raven Players production. Amount of stipend TBD.

Job duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Work with the Raven Performing Arts Theater Technical Director regarding use of the theater space, equipment, supplies, set, light and sound inventory. Submit a list of technical/supply needs to the RPAT TD two weeks prior to set build.

2. Communicate with the director and production manager of each production, keeping him or her informed of any changes to the production schedule, issues with set build and/or light and sound concerns.

3. Attend at least three production meetings per production. First meeting and last meeting before tech are mandatory.

4. Establish design deadlines and construction drawing deadlines (if applicable) for set, light and sound designers.

5. Advise the production manager and Artistic director on set light and sound budgets for each Raven Players production.

6. At first production meeting, touch base with set, light and sound designers regarding inventory, working protocol and design deadlines.

7. Review and approve designs in collaboration with the production director and Raven Players artistic director. If designs need to be revised, give detailed feedback to the designers to effect these revisions.

8. Be available for questions from designers during the process

9. Respond to and reply to emailed questions and concerns in a timely manner, confirming receipt of question and updating status until resolution.

10. Oversee and enforce design deadlines for set and light designs; give the designers one reminder of upcoming deadlines.

11. Supervise the initial build of sets (two days on site)

12. Address all technical items and actions requested for the first day of technical rehearsals and/or sitzprobe. These items will be given you in a detailed list by the production manager or stage manager, at least one week prior to the first technical rehearsal and/or sitzprobe.

13. Ensure adequate dressing room space.

14. Ensure stage and backstage areas are clean, swept and cleared of construction materials, accessible and adhere to safety standards with sufficient backstage lighting for rehearsals and performances. Inform RPAT TD if any cleaning and organizing is needed before set build.

15. Ensure stage masking is in place.

16. Attend at least two days of technical rehearsals; one of these must be the first full tech with actors, lights and sound.

17. Be available to respond to problems that occur during technical and dress rehearsals and performances. If unable to address issues in person, be prepared to offer detailed instructions via phone, text or email.

18. Prepare a strike plan with assignments for all strike attendees, including the designation of where to return items for storage (set pieces, light instruments, mics, flats, etc.)

19. Organize and supervise strike for each production. Ensure theatre space is returned to the condition it was in prior to set build.

20. The Raven Players TD may also serve as light, set and/or sound designer for individual productions. This must be approved by the Raven Players artistic director. These roles would come with additional compensation TBD.