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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: California Arts Council Seeking Creative Strategist for Rebranding

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: California Arts Council Seeking Creative Strategist for Rebranding


The California Arts Council is accepting proposals from qualified creative consultants or consultant teams to develop vision and values; strategic framework; and brand identity and messaging.

With this project, the CAC aims to “break the mold” for strategic planning and develop a new vision, values, and strategic framework that are forward-thinking, bold, innovative and dynamic and address equity in all areas. The project will also result in brand identity and messaging that are reflective of the CAC’s new strategic focus.

● Values are the core principles that guide and direct the CAC and its culture and vision represents an aspirational direction that promotes growth, both internally and externally.

● Strategic framework is a tool that will serve in place of a traditional strategic plan. The framework will be a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action, priorities, and policies for the CAC. The CAC includes both appointed Council Members and the state agency staff.

● Brand identity and messaging are the blueprints for external and internal visual, written, verbal, media, and electronic communication of the identity of the CAC. It articulates the vision and values of the CAC and tells a story that makes an impact on the CAC’s stakeholders.

Qualified candidates will demonstrate expertise in organizational visioning and values development; strategic planning and/or strategic framework development; communications and brand messaging; working with the culture and nonprofit fields; working in areas of racial and economic equity or cultural humility/competency and diversity; research development, public input, and planning; and outreach and authentic engagement with diverse communities.   

View the RFP and instructions at this link: (click on “view event package”) 

Submissions must be received by November 30, 2018. A single contract will be awarded for a 13-month period (January 2019 to February 2020).