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2017.10.09: Santa Rosa in Pen & Ink

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2017.10.09:  Santa Rosa in Pen & Ink



I set out to draw pen and inks before the fire as a result of someone asking me to do something that could be etched into tile.  

This project taught me so much about Santa Rosa’s history that I hadn’t been aware of.  One example of this was my strolling through the Rural Cemetery, gathering reference photos and insight from my guide into the disasters and wars that claimed many Santa Rosa lives in the 1900s.  Little did I know that just a few months later, another natural disaster would claim and change so many lives, including my own.  The pen and inks in this book no longer exist as originals or the etched tiles I had in my home as I had just brought the images to be scanned the week before the fire.  It now has helped me continue on, as these images (including the Round Barn) continue to be available as cards, prints, and this book to remind any and all of the beauty, history, and resilience found in Santa Rosa.