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Latin Elements Dance Company

Latin Elements Dance Company


For the LOVE of DANCE!

OUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER WOMEN TO FEEL COMFORTABLE IN THEIR OWN SKIN…and learn a little something too thanks to our world class professional coaches 😉   We are living THE DREAM because we get to provide a safe space for women to express themselves through the joys of movement and dance.


  • The opportunity to express your individuality
  • How to move all Sexy Like – in a healthy and empowering way
  • Performance, Movement and Choreography Training
  • Skills  on how to tell a story through dance
  • How to take care of your body in order to continue dancing for as long as you wish
  • And…Opportunities to Perform – If that’s what you’re into of course

*NOTE: It is not necessary to perform to be in the Performance Class

Go to our website for more information on our current schedule of classes.

Latin Elements was born from the passion and drive we all share for movement, health, and empowerment! We look forward to sharing with you!