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North Bay Makers/180 Studios

North Bay Makers/180 Studios



180 Studios, a 13,000 square foot, makerspace located in Santa Rosa, CA., is designed
to provide a dynamic environment for multigenerational collaboration that supports the
teaching, learning, and practicing of Industrial Arts, Creative Arts, Engineering, and Design.

A variety of professionally taught workshops, and volunteer mentors, encourage skill development, discovery, and the creative process. Flexible use studio space is available for modest rent, to individuals pursuing more intense projects of their choosing and/or business development. Periodic community events offer enticing opportunities for “hands-on”
experiences, art shows, and more. Professional equipment and technology, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and more, provide individual makers access to high-end tools not otherwise affordable.

Join us for engineering-oriented activities, such as software design, electronics, and robotics; traditional pursuits, such as woodworking and metal working; and craft making and artistic pursuits. Check out our website at: