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Basic Info: We design and build interactive art installations and human-powered vehicles for racing and exhibition events in (mostly) Northern California. We strive to use recycled and re-purposed materials in all of our builds.

Recent Projects:

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Event and Race Awards:

CalTrans wins 1st Place Engineering award at the Kinetic Grand Championship in Arcata, 2018
“Jankosaurus” the Amphibious Trike wins “Never Give Up” and “Best Pit Crew” at the 2014 Kinetic Grand Championship in Arcata.
The Whittaker Paddlewheel wins “Best Engineered” at Rivertown Revival, 2013
“Artistic yet Odd” awarded to the Red Couch Paddlewheel at Rivertown Revival, 2013
Red Couch Handcar wins 2nd Place at the Wunderkammer Sonoma County Handcar Races, 2013
Red Couch Hancar wins 3rd Place at the Willits Kinetic Carnivale, 2013
Red Couch Paddlewheel wins “All the numbers” prize, Camp Tipsy, 2012
Red Couch Paddlewheel wins 4th place at Rivertown Revival, 2012


“Stormageddon” video in which the Amphibious Trike joins Kayaks and Wakeboarders in the Healdsburg Safeway parking lot, during flooding.

2014 Pedal-Powered Rail Vehicle Trip along abandoned rail tracks in Northern California. –

Article in Make Magazine’s online blog about our Amphibious Trike

Our Trike goes to Camp Tipsy 2014 –

Our current Kickstarter promotional video for our Sociable Tandem Prototype Trike. –

The Whittaker Paddlewheel Instructable –

The $100 Sailboat –


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