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Rincon Valley Education Foundation

Rincon Valley Education Foundation




The Rincon Valley Education Foundation (RVEF) works in partnership with the Rincon Valley Union School District (RVUSD) to provide supplemental learning opportunities that broaden and enrich the students’ educational experiences.

RVEF supports the RVUSD’s vision, goals, and objectives by providing stable, sustainable funding for program enhancements in targeted curriculum areas.

RVEF unites families, staff, and community in its fundraising efforts so that we all share in the financial cost of an exemplary education as well as its success.


Our Response to COVID-19:

While times of uncertainty still lay ahead, the Rincon Valley Education Foundation will continue to foster resilience in the face of adversity due to being surrounded by a community who is adaptable and has the strength to persevere. We are confident that this support system will allow our organization to maintain a positive outlook and recover quickly.


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