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The Sonoma Community Center’s Ceramics Studio was established in 1999 as an educational space dedicated to the promotion and development of the ceramic arts and the work of clay artists.

The mission of the studio is to provide a unique learning environment for diverse audiences to experience the ceramic arts. We are Sonoma Valley’s leading ceramic studio, supporting the arts through our all-inclusive Artist in Residency program, gallery, studio sales, classes, workshops, and Open Studio.

We gear our artistic programs to all levels of interest, proficiency, and financial means. Our educational and artistic programming continues to be essential to our goal of expanding and promoting the ceramic arts to the community. The Artist in Residence is integrated into the studio community, working alongside our members and students while teaching a variety of classes to the public.

Who can use our studio? Anyone can use our studio and we have Intro classes as well as upper level classes that you can grow with as your skills advance. Our talented studio monitors are there to help you get started if you just want to pop in and get your hands dirty!



  • Geil downdraft gas kiln, 24 cu.ft. 
  • Alpine updraft gas kiln, 20 cu.ft.
  • Skutt electric kiln, 11.6 cu.ft. programmable, cone 10
  • Skutt electric kiln, 6.4 cu.ft. programmable
  • Olympic electric kiln, 12 cu.ft. programmable
  • Raku kiln
  • Soda kiln


  • 11 electric potters wheels
  • Peter Pugger 
  • 30″ Northstar slab roller
  • Spray booth 40″ x 30″ x 18″
  • Northstar extruder


  • A variety of underglazes and colored slips
  • Community tools available for use in the studio
  • Limited storage space for supplies and work in progress (for studio members only)
  • Raw materials lab