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Sonoma County Art Trails



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Welcome to Sonoma County Art Trails, the premier juried open studio tour which is held annually during the second and third weekends each October!  During Art Trails you can EXPLORE the scenic corridors and country roads; ENGAGE with the professional Art Trails artists in their studios; and COLLECT some wonderful art.

Complimentary full color Collector’s Guide, including maps and artists’ information are available in Septament at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, galleries, cafes and shops throughout Sonoma County.  Or on-line at   Many Art Trails artists are open year-round by appointment so keeping your Collector’s Guide handy is always a good idea.

Typically there are 140-150 artists who open their studios during Art Trails.  Art mediums include: Painting, print-making, sculpture, ceramics, fiber arts, fine jewelry, art glass, mixed media, woodwork, mosaic and photography.

Studios are located throughout Sonoma County from Petaluma to Geyserville and the town of Sonoma to Bodega Bay. 

Art Trails and the Jury Process

Each participating artist has been juried into Art Trails.  New artists apply by submitting an application, a description of their art medium and processes, images of their work, and one representative original piece of art work.  A new jury is convened each year comprised of art experts and two rotating Art Trails members.

While viewing the images, jurors are given information from the artist’s application on size, materials and techniques.  After viewing the images and the original piece of art, jurors score each applicant on quality, creativity, coherent individual style, craftsmanship and professionalism of presentation.  There are no quotas for acceptance imposed in any given medium or overall.

The Art Trails Experience

Each year 50,000 full color Collector’s Guides are printed and distributed to people who enjoy and appreciate art.  During Art Trails blue Art Trails signs help guide visitors on their self-guided tour.  Every year new people, from students, to out of town visitors, and local residents discover the rich and vibrant art culture Art Trails brings to Sonoma County.  You will want to make sure to Mark Your Calendar and Bring Your Friends as you engulf yourself in this fantastic Art Trails experience.  You’ll be glad you did!

Art Trails is sponsored by Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S. High St., Sebastopol, CA 95472  707.829.4797.  Each Art Trails artist is an independent business who has joined the Art Trails community, volunteering his/her time to enrich the lives of everyone who partakes in Art Trails.


Please contact Art Trails Steering Committee Chair Marsha Connell at or Vice Chair Jan Schultz  at