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Making online business easy for non-techies!

Learn just how easy it is for you, the business owner, to connect with your audience online — really maximize your efforts — and create connections that last a lifetime!

Together we will create engaging content that attracts, converts & creates more meaningful interactions for your business online.

Reach out today and let’s get to know each other a bit more.

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Ed Troxell is one of those entrepreneurs, best known for breaking technology down and for making online business easy for non-techies around the world! Ed is the Founder of Ed Troxell Creative, Yes to Entrepreneurship, and The Hey Ed Network.

Ed is a serial entrepreneur who brings a unique skill set to the table – he’s a teacher, speaker, consultant, digital marketer, techie, and podcaster who helps business owners be more creative and easily build their online empires.

Ed knows that when he pairs people up with the right resources, and they’re willing to take action, they’re capable of accomplishing anything. He simply shows them what’s possible with today’s technology so that they can show up, deliver, and engage with their audience online.


Ed graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, has a Sales & Marketing certification, was Publisher of MIX IT UP Magazine, and has worked for small and large businesses including The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County and Apple Inc.

Featured in:

Funnel Magazine, Huffington Post, Biz Talk Podcast, Fit Talk Radio, The Story Engine, The Entrepreneur Way Podcast, Make Magazine, Smart Web Creators, What’s Your Next Move Podcast.