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Zone Recording Studio

Zone Recording Studio


We’ve recorded 100’s of CD’s since 1985. Singers, songwriters, and bands of all kinds – metal, hip hop, folk, blues, jazz, even Mariachi Karaoke.

Or, if you’ve already done the recording, we can mix it for you and do the mastering.

We are located next to a very fun musical instrument store, Loud and Clear, and they often have gear you can use on a session.

We’re IMS Barter members and fairly multi-lingual.

We also write and produce audio for businesses – radio and TV ads, narration, podcasts, jingles, audio books, on-hold marketing, and everything else.

We love doing voiceover, music editing and creating custom music. Attorneys and law enforcement agencies here in the San Francisco Bay Area use us for forensic audio work, (CSI Cotati). And we transfer old records and tapes to CD, and we restore old and noisy recordings.

. . . and we’ve got great equipment
like Pro Tools HD Accel with lots of plug-ins, a Korg Triton synthesizer, video playback, 1/2 inch analog tape, 1/4 inch analog tape, ISDN Source Connect, and excellent microphones.