KD McComb

KD McComb


Website: http://dancingmamakd.com/


The Dancing Mama chooses joy, beauty, resilience and self-discovery, in the face of daily service to others and the challenges of the world.

She sees beauty as a spiritual principal that illuminates each smile from within. She understands garments are both a necessity and one of life’s luxuries and joys. In this way, K.D. loves to style her clients to shine their joy in the perfect garment for each individual.

She specializes in elegant active-wear (for dance, yoga and movement of all kinds), and also distinguished evening and street wear, borrowing from the grace of ancient India, but functional for contemporary life.

K.D. designs limited edition tailoring of standard sizes and custom garments in the pilgrimage town of Vrindavan, India. She aims to always give back, as she designs and takes saris out of the village; she also gives saris back to the village with her service projects.

In partnership with Kuli Mela Association 501(c)3 non-profit organization, K.D. distributes saris and shawls to the Widows (elderly women, often living and begging on the streets) and Sadhus (pilgrims and holy men) in need of a garment for clothing or warmth. K.D. cherishes this service as a great privilege of being in Vrindavan.