Loren Butchart

Loren Butchart


Website: https://www.instagram.com/renzo_butchart/


Loren Butchart is a tattoo artist in the Sonoma County area. Butchart also produces a podcast entitled Brave Castle Cast, which can be found on iTunes:

"Brave Castle is a podcast dedicated to discussing the pursuit of creativity with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and multi-perspective thinking. Makers, Builders, Artists, Writers, Thinkers, and Adventurers. Anyone I have access to who use their short time in existence to plant their flag as high as they can on the mountain of success, what ever that may be. This podcast is to be long format discussions into the lives and ideas of people that I respect. People of thought and action. My interests lay all over and I collect weirdos as friends. This podcast is a place to show case them, their work and their unique perspectives of the world. Brave Castle is a spelunking mission into conversation."