Madalyn Berg

Madalyn Berg



Madalyn Berg graduated with Honors from Oberlin College, where she was awarded degrees in Studio Art and Biology. A Bay Area native, Madalyn’s work is a reflection of the environment in which she grew up; a home that was deeply immersed in nature. Madalyn became interested in ceramics at a young age, and her interest in ceramic sculpture broadened to encompass other sculptural and installation media at Oberlin.

Madalyn’s interest in biology is critical to her work. For her, the connection between art and biology is observation, and as such, she is interested in using her work to encourage people to be more attentive to the inner and outer worlds they live in. While often coming from a place of science, Madalyn’s art is deeply personal, often directly referencing her own health struggles.

While her previous work has explored our physical bodies, nature, and how each engages the other, Madalyn’s more recent work is more focused on the body as a site of trauma. She investigates how illness and medicine have taken her away from her body and from nature. At the same time, she is running a project called The Community Medicine Cabinet. Part social practice art, part herbal medicine this project endeavors to hold space for healing. It tries to be an answer to some of her other work.