Eric Strand

Eric Strand



Eric Strand is one of the most passionate and dedicated drummers The Frequency has ever known.

He is a dear and close friend. Eric and Ian Franklin first started making music together in various projects back in 2002. More recently Eric began playing with The Frequency in August of 2012. Their chemistry has ripened playing all these years together. Since age 15, drumming has been Eric’s core focus and passion. His thoughts become transformed into cohesive rhythmic energy, always pushing limits. He thrives on experimentation and new sounds. Born with a gift for timing and amazing dexterity, Eric brings inspiration to his audience, who are captivated by the depth and quality in all he plays. Delving into new technologies in sound creation, attempting to satisfy a never-ending thirst for perfection and diligently chasing the unique buzz of being able to create something new…. Eric Strand drums with experience, insight, inquisitiveness and dedication.


(Drums/Sounds/Backing Vocals)