Kot Takahashi

Kot Takahashi


Website: https://www.facebook.com/takahashikot


Kot Takahashi is an Actor, Dancer, and Musician from the Bay Area.

His passion for the arts drives him in his life long quest for artistic and personal growth. Kot’s recent theatrical roles include: “Romeo” in Romeo & Juliet, “Peter” in Prelude to a Kiss, “Han Solo” in Star Wars – THE FORCE the Musical, “Olivia” & “Sebastian” in Twelfth Night, “Francis Crick” in Photograph 51, and “Juror #8” in 12 Angry Jurors. Kot is currently studying theater, music, composition and many different styles of dance. Kot works as an instructor at Alchemia Day program teaching music and dance to adults with developmental disabilities. Kot also teaches theater at elementary schools is Sonoma County. He is one of the founding artistic directors for the new student theater company “Redwood Theatre Company”. Kot continues to forever be a student of the arts.

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