Ian Bass-Galespie

Ian Bass-Galespie

Crew - Film Office - General Services - Media - Production - Talent - Theatre - 15 years at NBC Universal Production Safety Dept.



I began performing as an actor at age 12 and went to the Philadelphia HS for Creative and Performing Arts. Then graduated Adelphi Univ for Theater/Mass Comm.

I moved from the east coast to Los Angeles and spent 10 years working in virtually every facet of film, TV and theater production- both on stage/in front of camera & behind. I took a hiatus to become PE coach at my children's elementary school, where I "performed" on a daily basis for crowds of enthusiastic children. I then had the opportunity to work at NBC Universal in the Health & Safety Department with TV productions. My duties there range from safety training, tech scout hazard assessment, injury program facilitator to safety on set for work involving risk/hazards. I look forward to bringing my varied experience to future productions/projects in the Sonoma County area.