Aatika Rehman

Aatika Rehman


Website: https://aatikarehman.com/


   Po Box 2399, Santa Rosa, CA, 95409

Hello! I am the artist behind all the artwork.
My name is Aatika Rehman and I am a modern abstract painter exploring the relationship between art and healing. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, I currently reside in beautiful Sonoma County with husband, four daughters and a kitty. Coming from a typical asian household, my folks wanted me to study science & math, even though I wanted to study art, nature and psychology. My work is currently motivated by the energy I feel in vibrant and luscious pigments. I am exploring the dynamics of the effect that colors have on us on a daily basis. I believe that every color radiates energy which can be felt by the observer. My goal is to create an emotional stimulation which is calming, healing and joyful. To bring it all together, I want my art to bring excitement and curiosity in your life.