Grace Cheung-Schulman

Grace Cheung-Schulman


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   1136 Baird Road, Santa Rosa, CA, 95409

Artist Statement
I use photography as a means to document the world around me in ways that evoke emotion. Drawing inspiration from music, photography is visual melody, and color is visual harmony. My process is to immerse myself fully into the environment, in a visual meditation - to feel the sound and silence, to hear the movement and stillness.

My goal is to experience and document the essence of the subject - its inner spirit - through capturing light and shade, colors, lines and shapes. I seek to bring out the beauty of what I see and to share my vision with the world.

About Me
I was born and raised in Hong Kong. In my youth, I studied music and the visual arts, and dabbled in photography. After a long and varied career in music education and arts administration in Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States, I relocated to Northern California. The beauty of the natural scenery inspired me to pick up my camera again.

I have developed a very eclectic portfolio, covering landscape, nature, abstracts, architecture, classic cars, and documentary photography. I also collaborates with artists of other media to document and highlight their works. I strongly believe in the power of the visual image, and in the way visual storytelling can inspire, motivate, and enable social change.