Jane Ingram Allen

Jane Ingram Allen

Fiber Art - Mixed - Sculpture - Papermaking


Website: https://www.janeingramallen.xom

Blog URL: https://janeingramallen.wordpress.com

   5017 Maiden Lane, Santa Rosa, CA, 95409

Jane Ingram Allen, originally from Alabama, lived in Taiwan from 2004-2012 and moved back to the USA in August 2012, settling in Santa Rosa, CA. 

She continues her career as an international artist using sustainable materials and collaborative processes to raise public awareness about environmental issues.  In January 2004 she first went to Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar to do her hand papermaking art with Taiwan’s natural materials. She received a second Fulbright grant with sponsorship by Taiwan’s National Endowment for Culture and Art, and completed her “Made in Taiwan” project in July 2005.

After the Fulbright grants, Jane worked as an independent artist with many organizations in Taiwan and other countries and initiated several environmental sculpture projects in Taiwan. Jane is also a former university art professor and experienced curator and arts writer. She has received awards for artist in residencies in the USA, Philippines, Japan, Nepal, Brazil, China, Tanzania, Taiwan, Turkey and Indonesia.  She completed site specific sculpture installation projects with handmade paper and seeds in 2020 and 2021 in Sacramento, CA, Cloverdale, Oregon and Steckborn, Switzerland, and had exhibitions of her work in Australia, Japan, Switzerland, and the USA.