Elizabeth Wolfe

Elizabeth Wolfe


Website: https://www.VelvetChamberBand.com


   2152 Humboldt St, Santa Rosa, CA, 95404

Velvet Chamber is a rock n roll
group, with shades of our
various individual influences.
Members have been in
projects ranging from punk 
rock to reggae, classical to
barbershop, funk to prog rock,
power metal to pop!

Velvet Chamber’s sound is provocative & hard driving in nature.
This current rock project is
laced with a blues touch, a little
punk & maybe some old school
metal too. There is a saucy, sexy, hard driving approach to the song writing.

It’s “music that bleeds as it heals” because of it’s lyrical content. Darker
subject matter is often brushed aside or glorified, but there’s a need to have
light shed on it, let’s talk about it so that a healing can occur or an acceptance of our differences can happen.