Asherah Weiss

Asherah Weiss

Artisan - Dance - Design - Fiber Art - Film - Graphic Design - Illustration - Improvisation - Improvisation - Literature - Media - Mixed - Multi-Media - Music - Other - Other - Other - Painting - Performance Art - Photography - Poetry - Printmaking - Sculpture - Teacher/Instructor - Theatre - Visual Arts - Vocal - Stop-Motion Animation, Process Art, Community Organizer


   womb space collaborative arts, 3840 Finley Ave, Suite 98 (33Arts), Santa Rosa, CA, 95407

I am on a path of discovering what brings me alive through creativity.

I thrive when there are elements of improvisation along a path of discovery, someone who enjoys the process as well as the object-based outcome as a way to recall an experience or represent new meanings.  I could make you an awesome flyer, but I'd rather sit down with you and create something side-by-side, using the materials readily available and manipulated with our hands and bodies, hearts and intuitive will.  I'm called to see what is possible in the realm of creativity as means to discover ourselves, situated within our personal and transpersonal histories and identities, our communities, and the Earth body.  We can do that through movement, visual art, improvisational expression-- honestly, I don't really care what the medium is, as long as we get to engage with our full selves and centering in the mystery of not knowing what will come of it.