S. Hayes Ceramics

S. Hayes Ceramics


Website: http://stephaniehayes.webs.com


I began my education in ceramic art at Santa Rosa Junior College in 2007.

I took wheel throwing classes with Joel Bennett and sculpting classes with Hiroshi Fuchigami. I was able to discover the art of Pit Fire and Raku – low fire techniques I still practice today.

I transferred to San Francisco State University in 2010, continuing my study in ceramic art. My first ceramic class at SFSU was wheel throwing taught by David Kuraoka, who is well known for his techniques and even named the ‘State Living Treasure of Hawaii.’ I began to develop my skills and found a deep interest in the potter’s wheel and the concept of functional art. I continued taking classes from David and also Jeff Downing and Jane McDonald. Learning techniques from 3 very different teachers really helped develop my style of throwing.

After one year at SFSU, I was hired as a production potter for a Sonoma County based ceramic business, creating functional pottery. Gaining this job gave me great motivation to continue my degree and become a professional ceramic artist.

In 2012, I graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, emphasis in Ceramics. I moved back to Sonoma County and developed my own home studio.