Timothy Watters

Timothy Watters


Website: http://timothywatters.com

   Santa Rosa, CA, 95409

Timothy Teruo Watters (TTW) is an inspired, highly-respected and self-taught expressive realist painter who has spent the past 20 years creating art that draws inspiration from the colorful spectrum of his family lineage to the modern pop-culture that permeates society today.

TTW notable works are borne from a deep appreciation of personal heroes including Van Gogh; Hokusai; Hiroshige; and his artist Grandfather Teruo Iyama who was instrumental in acting as a beacon that helped pave the way to his destiny as an artist.

TTW works capture elements from the great impressionists and the Ukiyo-e (woodblock) style of art, to nature, traveling, Eastern philosophy, pop-culture and iconic personalities. He has crafted brilliant works from all spectrums of life featuring legends including: Nelson Mandela; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Einstein and more… to spiritual scenes featuring Buddha to nature scenes such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the grapes of Napa Valley, and the California poppy borne from his love for travel and taking inspiration in every moment.

TTW’s work has been displayed nationally in art shows and galleries from California to Hawaii, and graces the walls of the homes and offices of A-List Collectors, including: Kobe Bryant; Paul Rodriguez; Diddy; Bruno Mars; Ice Cube; Chris Cornell; Manny Pacquiao; Nas; Damian Marley; Snoop Dogg and Timbaland to name a few.