Valley Vibes Youth Orchestra

Valley Vibes Youth Orchestra

Valley Vibes Orchestra is a youth enrichment program with a mission to change lives through music. Through learning and making music together, we inspire our members to believe that everyone has the power to change their life and succeed.

Every school day youth in grades K-12 meet after school and participate in two hours of intensive, ensemble-based music lessons. Open to all students in Sonoma Valley, we are especially proud to offer our program to students who would not have the opportunity otherwise and currently 80% of our members come from low income households.

Beyond engaging youth in building musical proficiency, ViVO is a youth development program based on best research-based practices. ViVO’s objectives are to foster (1) a sense of belonging and confidence; (2) youth voice and leadership ; (3) building skills and mastery in music ; and (4) community involvement and contribution. As such, our goals for ViVO members are not only to become proficient and engaged musicians, but also to develop life and social-emotional skills to succeed in school, community and life.


  18606 Riverside Drive, Sonoma, CA