WANTED: 1000-2000 sq. ft. new location for Artstar...

WANTED: 1000-2000 sq. ft. new location for Artstar...

Posted by Artstart

Posted: Aug, 01, 2017


Website: http://www.artstart.us


 Sonoma County, CA, Unknown

Our well-known, well-loved, 20 year old non-profit youth arts program needs to move from our current location. Our lease expires in October.

Artstart, the Sonoma County youth arts organization is looking for a new home to accommodate all our wonderful new projects. Including the repair of city public art, our ongoing, healing mosaic project at Childrens Memorial Grove and Art on the Streets for Cleaner Creeks, to name a few. Plus our ongoing summer arts program that engages and educates our youth.

Artstart projects raise environmental awareness, public art appreciation, pride and valuable youth mentoring in the arts.

If you have any information about a property or landowner who can lease at an AFFORDABLE RATE OR RENT-FREE SPACE for our amazing team of artists, students and interns, please contact Artstart. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Contact the Artstart office: 707.546.2345 or info@artstart.us

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