CALL TO ARTISTS: Regeneration | A show curated by ...

CALL TO ARTISTS: Regeneration | A show curated by ...


 Petaluma, CA, Unknown


…and its cascade of positive benefits
A show curated by Jennifer Mygatt Tatum and Aimee Drew

Hosted by Aqus Cafe Petaluma

189 H st. Petaluma Ca.

Visually portray regeneration

Qualities of regeneration:

Growth, resilience, restoration, replenish, redesign, repurpose, collaboration, community, health, planet, indigenous wisdom, soil, biology, life, carbon, biodynamic, living systems,

When we operate within a regenerative framework, we highlight the power of living systems. The goal of this show is to marry art and science to educate, inspire, and advocate for the planet and its people. Art illuminates our relationship to nature as stewards and helps recognize the dissonance between our reliance on the earth and our perceived place in it. By highlighting regenerative practices, we begin to heal and secure a vibrant, healthy, connected future. We aim to make clear that we are dependent upon healthy land, soil, and community and to explore the powerful solutions beneath our feet, if only we take the time to reflect, restore, and redesign.

Submit images and a request to participate through the Aqus cafe jot form

Submissions accepted through April 15th.

Show goes up on April 18th and runs to June 20th 10 % of sales will be donated to zero foodprint