The Imaginists

The Imaginists

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 (707) 528-7554

 461 Sebastopol Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

The Imaginists completely re-think theatre; who participates, where it happens, and what it is. We honor the power of live performance as a vital space for ideas, questions, and communication.

Led by co-founders & directors Brent Lindsay and Amy Pinto and based in Santa Rosa, CA., the Imaginists is an experimental theatre company that explores the intersection of art, activism, and community. The Imaginists have been creating place-based theatre for over ten years, six at our Santa Rosa base. Our innovative, often community-specific and site-specific, work has led to groundbreaking collaborations that investigate participation on many levels. From bilingual works and community projects to ensemble devised creations, the Imaginists investigate and upend dominant narrative in artistic form and story, re-imagine public space, and cultivate radical inclusion in making works of art. We honor the power of live performance to create a vital space, a living story.