The Art Room, Petaluma

The Art Room, Petaluma

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 312 Smith Dr., CA

The Art Room offers private or semi-private mixed media and ceramics classes for people of all ages. Summer art camps for children are offered as well. Art experiences are process-oriented and encourage personal expression, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are introduced to amazing artists and art styles from around the world, instructed on various techniques for using their art media of choice, and finally guided, as needed, through the process of creating their masterpiece. Students are also encouraged to display and share their work when possible.

The Art Room founder, Linsey Larimore, also specializes in creative curriculum development. As a former elementary school teacher, Larimore creates arts based lessons and units of study that are integrated with academic curriculum, like social studies, math, or science. She also creates unique projects for special events or thematic birthday parties.


Our Response to COVID-19 :

The Art Room will require masks and hand sanitation during in-person classes.