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 PO BOX 62, Geyserville, CA 95441

Since 1996, Ecostruction has been designing, building and planning sustainable commercial and residential buildings.  These include New and remodeled residences and commercial building such as wineries, retail shops, and manufacturing facilities.  We currently pride ourselves in limiting construction debris and/or recycling the waste to a remarkable 85% or higher.  We use FAS certified framing materials, Eterna Block (formally called RASTRA) , Bamcore bamboo plywood, strawbale and rammed earth building products.  We install solar PV and solar heated hotwater in almost all of our designs.  and, to date, we have not installed a single A/C unit into the house we have built.  This is due to the high thermal mass of our buildings.  In 2010 we constructed the most pointed LEED platinum home in the Nation.