Take a moment to browse through the art that exists in public settings across the County. You can search by artist, location, medium, collection and much more. And if you don’t see your favorite piece of public art, let us know by clicking here. Tell us everything you know about the piece, including location, and we’ll take it from there.

Prince Gateway Park Art Bench
Prince Gateway Park Electrical Box Graphic
Prince Memorial Greenway
Rae Park Art Bench
Relax Art Sign
Remember the Past, Consider the Future
Santa Rosa Junior College Art Bench
Sebastopol Road Art Bench
Seventh Street Electrical Box Graphic
Ship, Goat Rock Mural
Sign Art Sign
Smile Art Sign
Sonoma Avenue Art Bench
Sonoma County Anti-Dumping Mural
Sonoma County Fairgrounds Art Bench
Sonoma County Museum Art Bench
Sonoma Landscape Opening Mural
Steele Lane Community Center Art Bench
Veteran’s Memorial Art Bench
West 3rd Street Art Bench
West 9th Street Art Bench
Wow Art Sign
Wright Road Art Bench
You Are Here Art Sign