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THOUSAND WAYS a work in progress

Category: Sculpture
THOUSAND WAYS a work in progress


lead artists: David Duskin + Darling Gonzalez, in collaboration with Petaluma River Park

We believe that shared experience defines community, and shared open space creates understanding and goodwill among its neighbors.

Thousand Ways looks at an issue currently on our minds – the dialogue between people, art, and nature. How can we enhance the conversation? How can the viewer be a collaborator? What happens if the art keeps changing? We invite you to walk, sit, observe, and play with the mini versions of the sculpture at the picnic tables. As you find new ways to arrange the small pieces, we will respond and do the same with the big ones. As the art changes, it works with the seasons and the landscape to bring you a fresh experience.

Thousand Ways is a collaboration with Petaluma River Park, which currently is in development on 20 acres of the McNear Peninsula in Petaluma. The Park will bring together recreation, environmental education, and culture in a re-imagined public park that is welcoming to all. This collaboration extends the park’s welcome beyond its borders.

Medium type: Wood

Date created:: 2021