Summer Arts Youth Program Grants

NOTE:  Along with the Arts Education Innovation Grants, this program has been merged into the new Arts Impact Grants, the application for which will be available in mid-fall 2021 (April 1, 2022-April 30, 2023 funding period). 


The County of Sonoma has established a fund to support summer arts programs for youth across the County, to be administered by Creative Sonoma. Summer Arts Youth Program Grants (SAYPG) are designed to support our creative organizations who are fostering creativity in our local youth while giving them opportunities to maintain learning while school is out of session, as well as providing opportunities to attend high quality cultural arts summer programs.


  • Support opportunities for youth to experience the arts in places convenient to their homes, schools and community centers
  • Elevate the level of support to creative organizations and individuals dedicated to fostering creativity and providing arts training programs for youth
  • Maintain learning opportunities when school is out of session
  • Support projects that address children whose ability to participate in such programs may be limited by geography, economics or disability
  • Fund student participation across the geographic regions of the County



This grant program is no longer active and has been archived. 



SAYPG recipients must produce a minimum of 20 hours of arts/creative programming, for students ranging in age from 6 (or entering first grade) to 18. The Guidelines contain detailed and extended eligibility descriptions and additional considerations – please review them carefully. To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be legally incorporated in the state of California as an arts-focused nonprofit and headquartered in Sonoma County, or be an arts organization with a Fiscal Sponsor
  • Be the program “owner/presenter” directly responsible for managing, overseeing and implementing ALL administrative aspects of the proposed program
  • Offer arts/creativity programming as the primary focus (51% or more) of the organization’s activities



Email if you have questions about this grant program. 



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