About Us

What We Do


We provide programs and services to help our creative community do what they do better.  Right now, that means we offer trainings and workshops, networking opportunities, financial resources, communication and marketing activities, and innovative collaborations.


Why We Do It


We believe that creative lives in us all – it just takes a little care and feeding.  We also believe that the people who have spent a career exercising their creative muscles make our community more vibrant, more interesting, more provocative, more satisfying.  In this case, we believe that more is more.

We define the creative community as individuals, organizations and businesses whose work is creative at its core.  That means artists and craftspeople, nonprofits and business enterprises – working across all creative disciplines and genres.  We consider writers, actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, technologists, design firms, galleries, recording studios, metal workers and instrument manufacturers – and many more — all to be part of the creative community.


Who Does It


Advisory Board

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Kristen Madsen, Director

Samantha Kimpel, Creative Coordinator


County of Sonoma: Board of Supervisors

Susan Gorin, 1st District
David Rabbitt, 2nd District
Shirlee Zane, 3rd District
James Gore, 4th District
Efren Carrillo, 5th District

Economic Development Board: Board of Directors

Jorge Alcazar, Frozen Art Ice Cream
Richard Carvolth M.D., Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital – St. Joseph Health
Pam Chanter, Vantreo Insurance Brokers
Terry Garrett, Go-Local Sonoma County
Kathryn Hecht, Alexander Valley Film Society
Tara Jasper, Sonic
Linda Kachiu, Zainer Rinehart Clarke
Wayne Leach, CSWST2 Engineering
Michael Nicholls, Nicholls Associates
Michael Tomasini, Bank of the West