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Stories connect, inspire, and inform us. Gain inspiration from a young person’s life enriched or changed. Explore data that shows improved academic success. Share the impact of arts education. 

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Our monthly Arts Education News blog highlights local arts education opportunities, along with recommendations for timely stories and resources on arts education trends and news. Click HERE to read the most recent post, or click HERE to find all past issues of the blog.

Student Arts Spotlight

The Student Arts Spotlight celebrates local students learning in and through the arts in Sonoma County. The feature, managed by the Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance, represents a variety of students, ages, geographic locations, and art forms. 

Each month’s Spotlight is shared in the Creative Sonoma newsletter, the Arts Education blog, and in social media. Learn more and submit student artwork and performances HERE.

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Through grant funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Arts Education Alliance commissioned research on the state of arts education in Sonoma County during 2016-2018. The research from the following reports led to the development of the Sonoma County Arts Education Framework in 2019.  

2019 State of Arts Education in Sonoma County Secondary Schools: Analyses of the California Arts Education Data Project

2017 State of Arts Education in Sonoma County K-12 Schools:  Analyses of Survey Data

Key Takeaways from Research Reports


Success Story: Tulare County 

Something’s Happening in Chula Vista