Public Art Program

Left to right: “Without a Shout” by William Wareham (Cloverdale Sculpture Trail); “Summer” by Alison Saar (Sonoma Valley Museum of Art); “Steppin’ Out” (City of Santa Rosa); “Culture Vultures” by Patrick Amiot (County of Sonoma). Learn more about these pieces and many more in the Creative Sonoma Public Art Directory

Public Art in Sonoma County


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Public Art Plan and Reports

The Strategic Plan that established Creative Sonoma in 2014 included a long-term goal of assessing and developing a Public Art Plan for the County. Our staff have been researching best practices and working with public art experts since 2018 in preparation to present a plan in 2023. 

For the past 18 months, Creative Sonoma has engaged in a process to develop a master plan for public art in the county. Many of our municipalities already have plans and percent-for-art ordinances in place. But we do not currently have an ordinance or master plan for the whole county or its unincorporated areas. The process has been guided by public art consultant Todd Bressi, as well as from an Ad Hoc committee of County Supervisors (Susan Gorin and David Rabbitt).

After community presentations, one-on-one interviews, and analysis and comparison of existing plans in other communities, we are happy to present a draft plan for review and input.

  1. Please take a look at the draft plan located HERE
  2. And when you are finished, please share your feedback and thoughts HERE

We plan to bring the plan to the Board of Supervisors for action in mid-September 2023 so the deadline for community feedback is August 18, 2023.

We are enthusiastic about the potential that a public art plan and policy has to encourage the building of a human-made environment that is as inspiring as our nature-made surroundings. 

In preparation for the development of the Sonoma County Public Art Plan, multiple studies were undertaken to assess the role of and resources for public art in our community. 

  • Public Art Benchmarking Study for Sonoma County (2021), funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Read the report HERE
  • Creative Sonoma: Public Art Study (2019). Read the report HERE.

Our Public Art Programs and Projects

Learn more about the program, which includes creative placemaking training and grants, HERE

In June 2022, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a plan to create and install a commemorative artwork recognizing the lives of those who perished in the 2017 wildfire complex. Creative Sonoma, a division of the Economic Development Board, will facilitate the project on the County’s behalf. Learn more about the Fire Memorial Work Plan and the associated Task Force HERE

  • Search a constantly growing directory of where to find public art in Sonoma County. Explore hundreds of art works HERE
  • ArtSurround Training Cohort and Grants (2022). Learn about the creative placemaking program HERE, about the 2022 Grantee Artists and Projects HERE, or about the grants HERE
  • Pop-Up Creativity Grants (2017-2019). Learn about past grantees HERE
  • County of Sonoma Demonstration Projects (link coming soon)
  • Creative ReOpening (2020-2021). Learn more about the project HERE, or watch the project video HERE.