Sonoma County Film Services

For more than 50 years Sonoma County has played gracious host to the film industry. From “Frenchman’s Creek” in the early 40’s to the Twentieth Century Fox production of “Cheaper By the Dozen” in 2003, Sonoma County has been home to as wide a variety of movies as our multitude of locations offer. Our diversity is evident from the breathtaking Sonoma coastline, which boasts everything from sandy beaches to jagged cliffs, the beautiful vineyards that cover our hills and valleys, the ethereal redwood forest, placid lakes, meandering country roads, historic bridges and picturesque rural villages.

Filming in Sonoma County



  • Visit the California Film Commission’s CinemaScout online directory HERE for locations in Sonoma County ranging from private residences and commercial business to regional and state parks. To list your property on the CinemaScout database, click HERE

Sonoma County Film Services Directory

General Creative Services 

Photographers | Writers | Stylists | Make-Up Artists | Hair Stylists | General


Producer/Directors | Assistant Directors | Camera Operators | Construction | Location Scouts | Security | General | PR | Studio Teacher | Director of Photography | Sound Recordists


Cameras | Photography Supplies | Vehicles | Props | General


Production Companies | Editing | Screening Facilities | General | Post Production


Stunts | Coaching | General


Music | Graphic Design | TV, Video, DVD | General


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