Our Grants

Arts Education Innovation Grants

We believe that everyone deserves a full, vibrant creative life and that access to a high-quality arts education for young people builds the foundation necessary to foster such a life. Unfortunately, access to arts education is not always equitable. We seek to address these disparities and expand access to typically underserved students with a new grants program open to arts and cultural organizations that share our commitment to equity.

Discovered: Emerging Visual Artists 

Respect, credibility and visibility for some of Sonoma County’s lesser known visual artists are the goals of the Discovered program.  Up to six emerging visual artists will be recognized with a professionally curated exhibit and catalogue as well as a cash stipend to recognize the results of their often solitary studio efforts.

Fire Recovery & Response Grants

In response to the 2017 Northern California Wildfires, Creative Sonoma initiated multiple grant opportunities for creatives and creative organizations and businesses, including the Creative Sonoma Recovery Fund for Physical and Economic Loss, the Arts & Trauma Teaching Artist Residencies, the Arts Response Grant for Organizations, and the Individual Professional Advancement Grants.

Next Level Grants for Musicians

We all benefit from the gift of music – whether at a community breakfast, in the concert hall, or through the solitary solace of ear buds.  Helping our local musicians advance their careers to the level that they can continue to make us happy while making themselves money is the purpose of the Next Level Grants.

Pop Up Creativity Grants 

Is creativity visible in your community? Do you have ideas for ways to infuse creativity in surprising or new ways into its fabric? This opportunity will fund projects that are temporary creative experiences, installations, or objects that are accessible and/or located in public places or within public view. Individuals, organizations and companies may apply. 

Summer Arts Youth Program Grants

Throwing open the windows of possibility for young people is a remarkable and rewarding opportunity and the arts are uniquely suited to this purpose.  Providing summer arts programs for Sonoma youth helps them explore their own interests, identity and expression and the results have the power to improve our communities.