Arts Education

Creative Sonoma supports arts education through these current initiatives and programs. Click on headlines to learn more. 


Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance

The Arts Education Alliance is a collaborative venture with representatives from the Sonoma County Office of Education, Creative Sonoma, several school districts across the county, arts teachers, arts administrators, and arts organizations. 

Sonoma County Arts Education Strategic Plan

Based on assessments of the state of arts education in Sonoma County schools, the Alliance has created an Arts Education Strategic Plan. This Plan is the result of research, analysis, discussion, and collaboration to provide increased and improved arts education access and opportunity to better the lives of Sonoma County TK-12 students. Facilitated by the California Alliance for Arts Education, the Plan will be available to schools and districts starting in late Fall 2019. SCOE and the Alliance will support schools and districts by collaborating and partnering to provide local resources to put these practices into place over the next five years. Mini grants, opening in November, will provide at least five districts with funding to create, plan, and improve their own arts education offerings. 

Arts Education Research Reports


Arts Now Communities

Arts Now communities are coming to life throughout Sonoma County! Launched by the California Alliance for Arts Education, this campaign shines a light on districts and counties that are working to improve the quality of students’ educations through investments in the arts. Arts Now provides advocacy tools, facilitation, and funding to improve arts education in your district or region. Sonoma County is organized as an Arts Now county, utilizing support and advocacy from the CAAE.

Sonoma County Arts Now communities include:


Grants to Support Arts Education

Create Sonoma currently manages two grant programs that support arts education. The Arts Education Innovation Grant supports nonprofit arts and youth-serving organizations that are producing innovative arts education activities in schools and the community. The Summer Arts Youth Program Grant supports nonprofit arts organizations that provide arts enrichment during the school summer break.

Teaching Artist Residencies for Schools

Creative Sonoma offers free teaching artist residencies based on best practices of trauma-informed arts instruction to build resilience and encourage empathy. Residencies are available to Sonoma County K-12 public schools through December 2019, or as funds allow.