Arts Education Framework Available

The Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance has published the Arts Education Framework, a free tool for Sonoma County schools and districts to use to increase arts education access and equity.

2022 Arts Education Framework Planning and Implementation Grants 


Based on assessments of the state of arts education in Sonoma County schools, the Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance, with facilitation by the California Alliance for Arts Education, has developed and recently published the Sonoma County Arts Education Framework: A Collaborative Vision 2019-2024

The Framework is a product of three years of research, analysis, discussion, and collaboration on how to provide increased and improved arts education access and equity to better the lives of Sonoma County TK-12 students. It was developed with feedback from teachers, school administrators, artists, and arts organizations.

The Arts Education Alliance invites schools and districts to use the Framework to chart a solid course for providing arts education, and is a step toward in ensuring that students in every district in Sonoma County have access to arts education.

Click on the framework cover, above, or click HERE to download this free tool.




2021 Arts Education Framework Consultancy Awards for Rural Districts

Funded by the California County Superintendents Educational Services, these awards supported rural elementary school districts to get the help they need to make arts education an essential component of their plans to create a better future for their students. 

2020 Arts Education Framework Planning Grants for Public Schools 

Learn about the work of 2020 Arts Education Framework Planning Grantees HERE.