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WORKSHOP SERIES: Arts Education Leadership 101

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WORKSHOP SERIES: Arts Education Leadership 101


Interested in learning more about arts education and how the arts create unique opportunity for students? What does the landscape of arts education look like in Sonoma County compared to other counties and across the country? What is equitable, high quality, culturally representative arts education? What are tools exist to measure access and quality? How can you get involved to be a supporter in your school? 


Join this group of arts supporters for a next level of active arts education advocacy. Through four online meetings, you’ll learn more about the movement to value and support arts education. You’ll understand how the arts are used as a tool to serve students’ needs. Learn about funding for the arts and how to chart your own course to be actively involved. 


Optional virtual talk back sessions will be available on Fridays at noon following these meetings for more discussion! 


Participants are highly encouraged to attend all sessions, beginning the 1st Wednesday of the month beginning Feb. 2 from 4:00-5:00. Free of charge.

Dates are 2/2/22, 3/2/22, 4/6/22, 5/4/22

Spanish interpretation available for Wednesday sessions.

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