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CALL TO ARTISTS: Request for Qualifications - Mural Projects

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CALL TO ARTISTS: Request for Qualifications - Mural Projects


The City of Milpitas invites qualified muralists to submit their qualifications to be considered for various mural projects over the next three years, including several immediate temporary projects.

he Milpitas City Council has a great interest in using mural art to beautify the City. City Council has called for a several projects to be fast-tracked, including a “traveling” mural celebrating the many industries and occupations that have composed Main Street business from the late 1800s to present day, and temporary artwork to be displayed at Holiday Magic on Main Street, a two-week event being planned for December.

In addition, Milpitas is putting the finishing touches on a City-wide mural program that will allow residents, business owners and artists to “nominate” potential spaces for consideration for more permanent murals. City Council plans to fund up to four mural projects a year, with stakeholder committees to review a prequalified artists list to select a limited number of artists to be invited to submit designs for an individual project.

The Milpitas Arts Commission will review qualifications this fall with the goal of developing an extensive portfolio of prequalified muralists. The Arts Commission has expressed interest in prequalifying muralists of diverse cultural backgrounds, artistic styles and experience levels, so as to provide potential artists for projects of all sizes and budget levels.

Some projects may request or require artists to involvement the public, in design or painting.

Full details in attached pdf HERE

CALL DEADLINE: October 8, 2021