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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Visual and Performing Arts Facilitator

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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Visual and Performing Arts Facilitator


WINDSOR UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT is seeking a Facilitator for a new Visual and Performing Arts program.


Under the direction of the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee, the VAPA Facilitator supports the implementation of the District VAPA goals. This position serves as a consultant on a year-to-year basis dependent upon on Board Approval for the continued phase-in of the District VAPA plan.

The following are typical duties and responsibilities. Any and all tasks may or may not be performed in a given school year.

  • Complete all phase I implementation items, not completed to date
  • Oversee existing grant implementation, professional learning, and program facilitation for teaching artist residencies including community showcase
  • Identify and attempt to secure additional funding sources and partnerships for VAPA Arts plan (phase II goals)
  • Facilitate monthly site rep meetings, beginning with grades TK-2nd, and support site-reps with implementation needs:
    o Establish a monthly calendar and agenda for VAPA/Arts Integration team meetings with site reps
    o Develop program goals for each site in collaboration with site reps
    o Support integration of VAPA programs and arts integration services to respond to the needs and strengths of each campus.
  • Oversee facilitation of professional learning sessions and related support activities with grade level groups.
  • Provide reports as needed to school board, administration, principals, teachers, and community.
  • Support integration of VAPA programs and arts integration services to respond to the needs and strengths of each campus, beginning with grades TK-2nd.
  • Maximize VAPA branding, performance, and exhibition opportunities on various media for all sites, including the planning and implementation of a student arts showcase each spring.
  • Support site representatives to serve as professional coaches, teacher leaders, and liaisons


  • California State Visual & Performing Arts Standards
  • Windsor Unified School District’s Visual and Performing Arts Plan
  • Grants and grant implementation and report writing for grant funders


  • Speak publicly and present and receive information to and from diverse constituencies.
  • Energize and Activate site teams around the VAPA plan
  • Connect Site Staff to appropriate program resources
  • Represent the District to the Community of Potential Sponsors
  • Maintain confidentiality and trust


  • Three years of successful experience in program facilitation and coordination.
  • In-depth experience in at least one of the major areas of VAPA (Theater, Fine Arts, Dance)


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university


  • Demonstrated ability to guide adults (teachers, administrators, community)
  • Connection to the Community of Artists, Musicians, Performers
  • Successful grant recipient
  • Bilingual/Biliterate in English and Spanish
  • Experience as a “Artist” in Residence

Please contact Mary Berkey for more information and to apply for this position: