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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: "Get Your Artwork on the Web" with Lance Kuehne

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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: "Get Your Artwork on the Web" with Lance Kuehne



Our Operations Manager Lance Kuehne, who worked in IT for many years and created countless websites, will tell you how to create your own.

Do you think you need to get your artwork “on the web”, but you don’t know how? Are you confused about what tools are available, what file formats are needed for your images, or how to sell your artwork online?

Lance Kuehne, the Operations Manager at the Petaluma Arts Center, has a long history in Information Technology and first started hand-coding websites back in the 1990’s at U.C. Berkeley. He will give an overview of the technical details involved in creating your own website, how to get your own web address, and how to setup your website to do online commerce.

He will talk about the tools available to create your own website from scratch, or template tools that are available, like Squarespace, that allow you to quickly get yourself online in a matter of hours. He will also talk a little bit about online storefronts like Etsy, and Fine Art America, and the benefits and disadvantages of that approach.

Finally, he will talk about how to integrate social media and mailing lists with your website and some best practices for marketing your website to get visits. He will also talk about the tools that help you track who is visiting your website, to see if you are successfully reaching people through your website.

October 27, 5:30-7pm ($10 General  or free for Petaluma Arts Center Artist Members)

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