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WANTED: film cast, crew, extras

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WANTED: film cast, crew, extras


Sonoma County native Angie Powers will be shooting an ultra, ultra-low budget feature film in Sebastopol LOST IN THE MIDDLE is a comedy about old friends, old ideals, old misunderstandings. It’s about gathering together and falling apart…and gathering together again. 

What you need to know:

  1. The shooting dates have changed. We are now shooting April 7 – 17, still in West County.
  2. This is a nano-budget passion project, which means we are seeking volunteers predominantly, although we will be doing fundraising ASAP, and our top priorities for money are: necessary equipment, feeding cast and crew great food, and paying people!
  3. This is an LGBT film and we are excited to be bringing this story to the screen in our community.
  4. We need to ask you to do one more thing so we can get the right folks on to the right teams: CAST/  CREW / EXTRAS:  please follow one of the two links below! We realize many of you already outlined in your previous email how you’d like to participate; please help us streamline this information! 

Contact us through the Facebook page:


CAST: (if interested in being an extra, see CREW & EXTRAS, below)

Roles still available:

Allegra: Mid-40’s lesbian mother and sandwich generation. She lives with her mother and children and used to be arty, but now takes photos of lumber to make a living. She is still hung up on Mallory.

Pete: Gay man, also, Mid-40’s. Sweet, caring and probably for the first time in his life more put together than his friends. However, he is still hurt by the crap that happened when they were young.

Mike: Addicted to drugs and only getting worse since his wife left him, Mike is out of control and always the elephant in the room when the group gets together.

Nora: The widow and a perkier Reese Witherspoon type. She still grieves the loss of her husband, Aaron, but also knows she needs to move on with the help of her friends.

Roles requiring a single day or two:

Aaron: Early 40’s, deathbed scene and husband to Nora.

Arty: 70’s, Sasha’s boyfriend and partner in crime.

Please bring a 1-3 minute monologue that you find funny (not everyone has to agree!) And then we’ll do some cold reads from the script.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll email you to get which role or roles you are interested in, and give you the Sebastopol location for the audition.


CREW & EXTRAS: Do you want to help? We need craft services (food), PAs, (production assistants), camera and sound department to work with Angie on her vision of moving camera and 360/ natural lighting, hair & make-up, costumes, and folks who know their way around photoshop for making props (old photos), as well as a still photographer to do “behind the scenes” documentation, media manager (to transfer memory cards), social media person. Experienced or just enthusiastic, we want you. Even if you can only do one or two days here and there, it would be such a help.


Thank you so much for your interest in being part of a creative community here in Sonoma County!  


Elizabeth and Angie 

Contact us through the Facebook page: