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b460.01 Springload Series

Category: Painting
b460.01 Springload Series



PIECE | b460.01 Springload Series

LOCATION | Upstairs Hallway Gallery North, LBC

DESCRIPTION | 2012 Wooden Birch Panels

DIMENSIONS | 4’ x 6’

ARTIST | Roberto Santo

See map for location.

LBC Permanent Collection

Renowned sculpture artist Roberto Santo is one of only a few artists eligible for commissions for the Vatican. Santo, who works roughly half the year at his studio in Tuscany, Italy, and half the year at his home on Sonoma Mountain, created two site specific pieces for the Arts Center. All of the work on display is from his “Springload Series.” In this series, Santo distinguishes himself as a painter of balanced, abstract compositions with an attractive, almost touchable skin.

Medium type: Wood

Date created:: 2012

Medium type: 4' x 6'