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Category: Sculpture



PIECE | Melville

LOCATION | Sculpture Courtyard


DIMENSIONS | 22” x 68” x 70”

ARTIST | Dennis Leon

This work is the generous gift of Joan Leon and Ramon Jimenez and their daughters, Ann Leon and Susan Peterson.

About the Artist

Dennis Leon (1933 – 1998) was born in London, England, and received his BFA, BS and MFA from Temple University. Artist and educator, Leon consistently explored the subject of the natural landscape. He was first inspired as a child by the moors of Yorkshire and then by his subsequent travels throughout the United States and abroad. Leon’s art emerged from the observations and memories of his experiences within these various environments. His body of work includes site-specific installations, collage, drawings, pastels, and sculpture in wood and bronze.

Medium type: 22” x 68” x 70”