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TumbleWeed Expressions ~ Meryl Juniper ~ Dolphin Glow

TumbleWeed Expressions ~ Meryl Juniper ~ Dolphin Glow



Large Scale . Hand-Made . Collaborative Ceramic Tile and Mosaic Installations

Designed to instigate a deeply committed, inspired collaborative project for public arts community engagement, enrichment and enhancement.
This wonderful process conjures presence and place making, inspires and awakens participation in community collaboration with the promise to enhance lifelong memories, develop and strengthen positive relational traits.
Our combined effort supports and sources wonderful connections
as we develop devoted contributions to our community.
Within this we create, beautify and embellish our environment, while working closely together, we express our collective concerns and inspirations!

Meryl Juniper BFA ~ TumbleWeed Expressions ~ 707.477.6069 Mailing ~ 1960 Barndance Lane Santa Rosa 95407 Studio ~ 1365 Kowell Lane Santa Rosa 95401

Installation Process

Potential Steps of Engagement ~

  • ●  Meet Staff, Volunteers, Local Indigenous and Community Members
  • ●  Choose and create themes and target processes chosen, including dividing the tasks andskills suited to the facilities demographic.
  • ●  Research imagery related to our chosen themes
  • ●  Create sketches for this imagery
  • ●  Choose a design team, who will take all the sketches and ideas from the wholecommunity and bring them into cohesion.
  • ●  Tile Making – Proper slow drying – First Firing
  • ●  Tile Glazing – Second Firing
  • ●  Design and layout of handmade and commercial tiles for mosaic
  • ●  Installation on sealed backer boards
  • ●  Adhere all tiles with thin set
  • ●  Grout and Grout Seal all panels
  • ●  Install panels
  • ●  Grout Seal should be maintained each year to hold colorsMaterials ~
  • ●  Paper and Pencils for initial sketches
  • ●  Books and computers for research of imagery and themes
  • ●  Clay and Glazes for Tile Making – Quantity depends on process chosen
  • ●  Donated commercial tiles for mosaic -I have an excellent back stock
  • ●  Hardibacker Board, Thin Set Tile adhesive and Grout
  • ●  I have 2 decades of collaborative support from the Ceramic Tile Center in Santa Rosa. Theywill provide contractors discount and donated supplies as the project progressesCommunity Engagement ~
  • ●  I appreciate having an ample budget to hire my apprentice and other assistance.
  • ●  It will be crucial to form and engage a strong volunteer community support team.
  • ●  Community Engagement ~ Gathering Elders, Students and Youth, is essential to supportthe relationships so missing in many aspects of our society.
  • ●  This awesome, inspired, wonderful effort is creatively comprehensive and technicallydemanding, while being deeply meaningful and nourishing. That said, this important work’s essence demands without a doubt, the importance and inspiration of engaging your village, while connecting within a well supported and expressive environment!

Medium type: Ceramic; Ceramic Tile; Concrete; Copper; Metal; Mosaic; Steel; Stone; Wood

Date created:: 2017-18

Medium type: 4'x7'


1200 Canon Street, Bodega Bay, CA, 94923

38.33454, -123.04483