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Ives Hall

Ives Hall


Ives Hall, located on the southeast side of campus hosts a variety of rooms for the theatre arts and dance programs: Ives 101 Warren Auditorium, Ives 76 Studio, Ives 119 Studio, Ives 80 Dance Studio, Ives 113 Dressing Room, and Ives 32 Walford Recording Studio.


Ives Hall

1801 E. Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park, CA, 94928

Accessibility Information


Parking is $5 Daily
You can purchase a daily permit at a parking kiosk located in each lot or online through our Parking Permits & Passes website
Look for most convenient parking in
Lots E or F
Ives 119 is located in Ives Hall. If you are coming from the parking lot, you will walk up the stairs to the building and enter the right hand side. From there the theater is located towards the back doors to the right and the box office will be down the hall and to the left.
If you are coming from the campus side, walk up the stairs and enter the building on the left and the theater will be directly to your left and the box office to your right.