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Adelle Stoll

Artisan: Fiber Art, Jewelry; Design: Fashion Design; Leather craft
Adelle Stoll


Handcrafted for the Modern Minimalist  Adelle Stoll combines her love of modern design with nimble hands to create original handbags and jewelry from her studio Store at The Barlow.

Classic and bold architectural shapes are crafted from soft materials resulting in iconic pieces destined to become heirlooms. Each piece is designed and crafted with love by modern accessories designer Adelle Stoll in Sonoma County, California.

Materials  All Adelle Stoll goods are made using supreme materials specifically chosen for their quality and durability. Using the finest oil tanned leathers sourced from the United States, leather is hand cut to create stylish pieces, designed for years of use. 100% German wool felt in vibrant, saturated colors and hand fabricated brass rods and hardware define Adelle Stoll’s original designs.

Meet Adelle Stoll Ever since Adelle can remember she’s had an active mind filled with creative ideas. Bored by high school academics, she found her niche in theater arts courses and at 16 performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Discovering that traditional academics weren’t for her, Adelle charted her own course with entrepreneurial thinking built around creativity.

A child of the 70s who watched American manufacturing disappear, Adelle wanted to give people a place to shop for quality products that weren’t made in China. The answer? She opened The Silo, a Sonoma County shop carrying modern artisan goods, all made in America. 

At the helm of The Silo, Adelle saw an opportunity to fill a void. Many trendy handbags were overly adorned and cheaply made. With poor quality materials made by machines only, these mass produced bags didn’t jive with Adelle or her clientele. By virtue of meeting her customers at the shop, Adelle received immediate feedback and refined the designs that are now her trademark style. After a successful stint, Adelle closed The Silo to focus on expanding her product lines.

If Adelle hadn’t discovered her inner theater geek years ago, she might have dropped out of high school. Reaching troubled teens is a cause close to her heart that has morphed into a business strategy. Adelle dreams of hiring foster children who’ve aged out of the system. She wants to give them an opportunity to learn a trade and access their creativity. Teens could be taught pattern making, design thinking, or marketing, while learning about personal integrity through responsibility. Her ultimate goal? For each teenager to look beyond personal circumstances and believe in their potential.

So many ideas, it’s surprising she sleeps. Adelle creates new original designs and wearable art every season. Producing small batches of handcrafted bags and jewelry are just the beginning. Currently in the design pipeline are modern women’s shoes, men’s accessories, and minimalist home decor items; all designed and handcrafted by Adelle Stoll in Sonoma County, California.



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